Build a Website

Step-by-step instructions covering all aspects of getting a website for your business up and running FAST!

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Get Listed on Google

Get your Business listed on Google. Learn all the ways you can market, advertise and manage your business listing.

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Marketing & Advertising

Learn the basics of online marketing and advertising. Done-for-you marketing plan. Making marketing your business easy and simple.

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I don’t work for you, I work WITH you!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned being a business owner, and working with small business owners and startups, it’s this: funds are tight.

Many business owners have resorted to DIY methods, with little or no guidance. THEN, when they find little to no results for their efforts they go looking for help, which is when a marketing agency typically steps in to take over.

These agencies many times charge large amounts of money to implement some basic concepts and methods. They are more interested in becoming account managers and retaining you on a month to month basis, hiding many, if not all of their marketing techniques.

Most marketing companies have one main goal: To lock you into a month to month obligatory relationship, where you NEED them for your leads.

I do things differently…

I’ve decided to set myself apart from other technology industry companies by offering a unique service to all of my clients… I’m going to work with you, instead of for you, and teach you along the way what you truly wanted when you started this journey… To maintain control, to do this yourself, to do it the right way, and to do it on a budget.