How to Remove AntiVirus Security Pro

Antivirus Security Pro is a malicious piece of software that tries to fraudulently get money by making the user think that their computer is infected.  It will hijack your browser, and redirect you to a fake scan results page.  Unfortunately no matter what you click on you will be unable to make this pop up go away.  Having the proper malware protection on your computer is vital in preventing this type of infection in the first place.  If you don’t have any malware protection on your computer it is relatively easy for malicious software like AntiVirus Pro to slip by and take control over your system.  As long as you respond quickly and efficiently, you should be able to save your computer from further damage.

The following links are to websites that will walk you through the process of removing this infection.  I personally recommend installing a malware protection software, such as malwarebytes or STOPzilla!, rebooting into safe mode, then running the scan.

To prevent further infections make sure that your virus and malware protection software are up to date.  It’s also a good idea to keep windows updated and to back up your files on a regular basis.  I recommend running system scan once a week to fix any threats and keep your computer running at top performance.

 Dedicated 2 Viruses Antivirus Pro Removal Article

Dedicated 2 Spyware Antivirus Pro Search Results

Sometimes the malware scan is unable to find an infection or unable to remove all traces of an infection.  In these rare instances you may need to remove malicious registry entries, unregister malicious DLL and delete malicious files manually.  WARNING:  CHANGING REGISTRY ENTRIES, DLL AND IMPORTANT FILES MAY CRITICALLY HARM YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM IF YOU DO NOT KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING.  If at all uncomfortable with these procedures it is recommended to contact a professional computer repair technician to perform these operations for you.  Never allow someone to make these changes unless you feel 100% confident in their abilities.  Always backup your files before attempting to do any repairs on your computer, just in case an error is made.

Manual Removal of Malicious Registry Entries

Unregisterinng Malicious DLL’s

Killing Malicious Processes and Removing Harmful Files



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