Me and my son Aaron, during the practice races in Daytona. July 4th 2013

Me and my son Aaron, during the practice races in Daytona. July 4th 2013

My name is Candice and I am a stay at home mom with a small home based computer repair and website design business based in Anthony, Florida.

I’ve been doing computer repair ever since I got my first computer in high school.  Necessity is the mother of all invention, and since my family didn’t have extra money for fixes, I was on my own.  I learned quickly how to research and troubleshoot issues.  I’ve worked professionally in the following fields: Senior Internet Analyst, Preferred Agent – Search Quality Evaluation, Internet Consultation, Administrative, Data Entry, Computer Tech, Statistical Analysis, Research Assistant and numerous Human Service positions.  In 2007 I began my first official job doing repair work for a local computer repair shop in rural Minnesota.

I moved to Marion County Florida, in 2008, in the midst of the financial collapse, to one of the worst counties for unemployment.  Unable to find any lucrative work I decided to start PC HandyMaam in the summer of 2009, and did this work until the summer of 2014.  In December 2013 I was hired by a company that contracts with Google, and I have been working for them, as well as pursuing certifications in programming on the side.

I specialize in data backup, virus removal, malware removal, wipe & reinstalls, software installation and removal, computer and wireless setup, website design and internet marketing.   I am well versed in a variety of software packages, and a quick learner of most software I am unfamiliar with.  I am also a novice programmer.  I love a challenge, to learn new things and working with and meeting new people.

Although I did mostly computer repair work in the past, my goal is to help more people and small businesses get online.  The computer and the internet are such powerful tools that most people take for granted and never use to its full potential (Including myself!).

Take a look around my website for valuable articles regarding computer maintenance, repair, security, blogging and more.  I’ve also created a resources page for you.  (You could probably spend the rest of your life learning just the stuff I link to on there!)


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